OpenPath, Favorite Subscriptions for Shopify

  • Joe Watkins
  • 22nd, November 2020
OpenPath, Favorite Subscriptions for Shopify
OpenPath, Favorite Subscriptions for Shopify

OpenPath Named Preferred Subscription and Recurring Billing Provider for Shopify Plus with Announcement of New Certified App Partner Program

OpenPath, the world’s leading payment platform, has been named by Shopify Plus as the preferred subscription and recurring billing solution with the launch of its new Certified App Partner Program. OpenPath’s integration with Shopify Plus and Shopify enables merchants to drive more conversions and revenues and seamlessly integrate OpenPath into their entire technology stack.

The new partner program identifies best-in-class technology solutions that can help Shopify Plus merchants succeed. Selected apps are formally reviewed by the Shopify App Review and Quality Assurance Team to ensure they meet rigorous standards in the areas of performance, security, privacy, and support. This qualifies them to be added to the Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Directory within the Shopify App Store which allows merchants to easily identify the apps that are best suited to solving their specific needs.

About OpenPath

OpenPath provides low-friction access to world-class transacting options with the added value of a consolidated platform. With global reach and integration with hundreds of processors, they give the widest options for monetizing business traffic. Learn more at https://openpath.io.

About Shopify

Shopify empowers people by making it easier to start, run, and grow a business. They believe that more voices, not fewer, will shape the future of commerce, so we’re lowering the barriers to company ownership in order to make commerce better for everyone. Learn more at All About Shopify.

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