New OpenPath Partnership and Integration with Midigator Offers Merchants Access to a Leading Chargeback Solution

  • Jason Martin
  • 22nd, November 2020
New OpenPath Partnership and Integration with Midigator Offers Merchants Access to a Leading Chargeback Solution
New OpenPath Partnership and Integration with Midigator Offers Merchants Access to a Leading Chargeback Solution

Midigator and OpenPath have completed their integration and partnership.

Fraud and the resulting chargebacks are a growing concern for many merchants. Traditional prevention tactics often fall short because they address only a fraction of potential threats. Merchants need a more thorough strategy if they want the most complete protection possible, and a new partnership between Midigator and OpenPath has now made that possible.

Through this strategic alliance, merchants can seamlessly manage all types of fraud that cause chargebacks. OpenPath specializes in detecting and preventing non-friendly fraud, while Midigator excels at identifying and fighting friendly fraud. The result is a solution which enables merchants to both prevent and fight chargebacks. This creates a truly comprehensive strategy that increases sales, improves the customer experience, reduces chargebacks, and retains more revenue.

Moreover, a partnership between these two tech-oriented companies is a natural combination. Both world-class technology platforms use data and automation to remove the time-consuming, error-prone processes commonly used to manage fraud and chargebacks.

“Our platform provides the most data to a merchant to allow for the most informed decision as to whether accept a payment transaction,” says Scott Dorey, CEO at OpenPath. “We provide merchants with in-depth analytics and reports which enable them to make more accurate risk management decisions – resulting in higher profits. This partnership, provides merchants with the most data from checkout to chargeback response.”

Key features and benefits of the OpenPath platform include:

  • Universal connectivity that gives merchants unparalleled access to payment solutions and processing options
  • Multi-payment methods to benefit a new base of flexible-spending, mobile users
  • Data cleansing and standardization to maximize payment acceptance rates
  • Fraud and risk monitoring to actively control transaction flow for merchants
  • AI-powered decline salvage to recapture customer revenue otherwise lost
  • Advanced age verification to enable merchant compliance in controlled product categories
  • Charge-back management to effectively support consumers and fight fraudulent activity
  • Deep data to understand customer profile and successfully target sales
  • Support for ISOs and processors, allowing them to provide OpenPath solutions to their customers

About Midigator

Midigator believes the challenges of running a business should be delivering great products or services, not managing payment risk. That’s why the company became the first to use technology to prevent, fight, and analyze chargebacks, providing an efficient and effective alternative to labor-intensive, manual processes. Midigator’s technology removes the complexity of payment disputes so businesses can get back to business. Features like real-time reporting, labor-saving automation, and in-depth analytics benefit businesses of all sizes in all industries. To learn more, visit www.Midigator.com.

About OpenPath

OpenPath provides low-friction access to world-class transacting options with the added value of a consolidated platform. With global reach and integration with hundreds of processors, they give the widest options for monetizing business traffic. Learn more at https://openpath.io.

Merchants who are interested in creating a data driven fraud and chargeback management strategy can contact us to get a demonstration and start the integration process.

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