OpenPath Partners With Ionia

  • Erik Pedersen
  • 26th, May 2023
OpenPath Partners With Ionia
OpenPath Partners With Ionia

OpenPath, Inc. has partnered strategically with Ionia to deliver Ionia Pay, an instant account-to-account (“A2A”) payment platform.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: https://mailchi.mp/ionia/ionia-partners-with-openpath?e=74a28d0c66

OpenPath has agreed to include Ionia Pay into its platform and distribute it to merchants through major e-commerce platforms: WooCommerce, Shopify, and Big Commerce. Collectively, these platforms represent 12.5mm SMB clients and billions of USD in transaction volume.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Ionia in our strategy to deliver the best payment options to merchants worldwide. The account-to-account product has the highest demand in the market right now, and we are geared to rapidly deploy.” – Joseph Watkins, Chief Operating Office, OpenPath

More On Ionia Pay

For merchants: a better payment system:

● Eliminates chargebacks

● Instant account-to-account payments

● Significantly reduced processing costs

For users: a rewarding frictionless experience:

● Simple QR code interface or simple website checkout

● Multiple customer wallet options

● Earn and spend cash, crypto or points on every transaction

For any further information on Ionia Pay visit https://www.ionia.io/

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