Easily Manage Multiple Merchant Accounts

Combine as many payment gateways or processors as you like on the OpenPath platform with zero integration effort.

Merchant processing account constraints limit the growth of every online sales organization. The faster your business grows, the more likely it is that your payment system is holding you back.

OpenPath removes these restrictions and handles your business rules automatically, allowing your company to grow at a faster rate. OpenPath can help you raise your volume right away, regardless of whether you're just getting started or managing many projects.

Integrated with all major sales platforms

MID Manager makes managing your MIDs easy

Add more merchant accounts

100% payments uptime

Increased approval rates

Increase the value of your existing processing accounts while also easily adding new accounts to your processing portfolio.

Allow substitute MIDs to take over when you surpass your limit or when your processing accounts become unavailable to handle orders.

Data purification and intelligent cascading ensure that you receive the highest possible conversion rate from your consumers.

Filter out high risk transactions

Automatic Routing

Know immediately about issues

Identify possibly fraudulent transactions and automatically filter them out before they reach the processor. Identify potentially fraudulent transactions.

Make sure that your transactions are routed to the appropriate payment processor based on the product, country, card type, or any other parameter you specify.

Custom alerts let you know when items need attention. From MID caps to decline percentages you can stay on top of all the critical items.

...and Payment Service providers

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