A Complete Payment Orchestration Platform

Payments orchestration is a popular issue in eCommerce, and it entails collaborating with a number of different payment providers in order to increase consumer conversion, reduce costs, and improve fraud prevention systems.

Where We Connect


Connect your eCommerce website to OpenPath by choosing us from the Payments Dropdown, adding a plugin, or building your own custom solution to communicate with our API.


Once connected, all payments will flow through the OpenPath platform. We do all of the work for you, including transaction filtering, payment routing decisions, and communication with other 3rd Party Systems.

Payment Systems

OpenPath is already connected to over 200+ gateways, processors, eWallets, and alternative payment methods; once we've completed our logic, if we determine the transaction is safe, we'll process it and deliver the results to you.

How it Works - The Transaction Journey

We make things appear to be simple with our Payment Orchestration, but they are not. When we get a transaction, we enrich the data, run it through over 120 different rule filters, make intelligent routing and redundancy decisions, and connect our data to your preferred third-party integrations. And we do all of this in milliseconds.

Customer Selects Product

The buyer falls in love with your product and decides to add it to their shopping cart on your website.

Customer Selects Payment

Next, they go to your checkout to buy, and depending on your integrations and options, they may be offered with Split Pay, Apple Pay, Surcharging, or other options you make available for your clients.

OpenPath Site Receiver

When a customer clicks the pay button, the transaction is received by an OpenPath Site Path; keep in mind that you can link many eStores and we'll sort all the transactions in our reports for you.

Data Enhancement
OpenPath GTO

Once we get the payment information, we convert it to a Global Transaction Object, repair any broken data, and add additional information based on a variety of parameters ranging from IP addresses to customer banking information. Even if we only receive 5 points of data, when we are through, we will have 2,000 points of data to make decisions on.

OpenPath Compliance & Fraud

Following that, we may filter transactions based on over 120 rules such as previous customer behavior, distance between purchase locations, velocity, account authenticity, and much more.

OpenPath Decision-Making

Once a transaction has passed our filters, we can use additional logic to choose where to send the transaction depending on payment kinds, client history, location, or any of over 120 other factors.

Check Available Processors

Because OpenPath is entirely Omni-channel in all directions, we can connect you with one payment processor or method or hundreds and identify who the best suitable processor is based on uptime, volume, chargebacks, or even cascade the transaction to another processor if one is experiencing difficulty.

Software Vendors
3rd Party Integrations

OpenPath can also interface with other prominent 3rd party FinTech integrations, such as FlexPay for subscription decline salvaging, Midigator for chargeback management, and many more.

OpenPath Payment Connector

Finally, we reach the point when we process the payment with the chosen processor, and because we've done all of this work, the chances of it being approved are significantly higher which translates into more revenue for you. Once we have this approval, we will transmit the results back to your eCommerce site.

Process Payment
Merchant Fulfills Order

Because the payment and order were processed through the OpenPath Platform, you can be confident that this transaction is valid and that you can safely fulfill your purchase.

Customer Receives Confirmation

Because of this, the consumer is delighted with their order approval, as well as with their payment experience. Customers who are satisfied with their purchases are more likely to make purchases in the future.


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