The payments landscape is rapidly advancing with increasing payment types and processing options. We provide low-friction access to all the premier transacting options with the added value of a consolidated platform. With global reach and integration to hundreds of processors we give the widest options for exploiting your business traffic. Our leading-edge technology gives you every advantage in transaction processing.

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Financial Benefits
Reduced processing fees.
Reduced gateway fees.
No integration costs.
Recapture declined transactions.
Plug and play integration to processors and CRMs.
Automatic translation to any processor API format.
Deploy hundreds of MIDs to one platform in minutes.
Intelligent routing and intelligent cascading.

Increase Volume

We want all clients to maximize their completion of valid transactions. Some vendors are limited by merchant account revenue caps, some are constrained by chargeback or decline limits. Some merchants may want to process in a geography not supported by their processor.

Our platform is designed to maximize all the features provided by the processors. Multiple MIDs and multiple processors can expand your capacity and our solution easily manages this expansion.

We will show you how to increase volume by maximizing individual MID capacity, operating multiple MIDs in conjunction, and by intelligent routing and cascading.

You will be able to recapture soft declines and intelligently reroute them, and increase acceptance rates by pre-filtering invalid transactions.

Faster Response Times

With our unique processed and proprietary load-balancing algorithms we can handle higher volumes and create faster response times under load than any gateway. This is very important for businesses with volume spikes or batch processing. But also applicable to online businesses that want a premium client experience.

We handle more volume with sophisticated load-balancing and processing options. Connecting to multiple processors has additional benefits. Allowing for fail-over redundancy and the ability to drive traffic to the lowest cost processors.

Financial Benefits
Additional throughput with highly-responsive processing.
Recapture revenues lost to processor outages.
Reduced processing fees.
Omni-channel input and output.
Automatic distribution of orders to multiple processors.
Load balancing by processor response times.
Financial Benefits
Utilize more capacity per MID.
Reduced processor holdbacks.
Avoid costly account closures.
Filtering and routing of transactions based on risk level.
Load-balancing based on risk assessment.

Control Risk

Client analytics prove our risk filtering solution can cut the total number of steps in your current process, decrease the amount of chargeback fraud, and increase your chargeback win rates.

Our deep inspection and analysis of each transaction allows you to make informed business decisions on how to handle business traffic. We allow you to filter bad customers based on our historical customer database, or direct orders to an risk-appropriate merchant account based on modifiable thresholds.

Knowing the risk level of transactions allows the system to protect your merchant accounts by preventing high risk transactions being directed to accounts that have high chargeback ratios. We will automatically take your MIDs to capacity without exceeding revenue or chargeback limits.

Better Business

We turn your data into valuable intelligence. Secure, web-based reporting on key data provides important business insight. This includes standard reporting packages, trend analysis, and custom reporting capabilities. The result is quick, clear visibility into business trends.

The centralised data allows live intelligent reports across all your revenue streams. For example, our settlement report allows you to directly reconcile bank deposits with each specific sale.

We gather hundreds of data points on each transaction processed that gives a deep data reservoir for identifying business trends that others can not.

By sharing data with customer support centers we have created greater customer satisfaction with real-time clarification on transaction completion or rejection resolutions.

You can have all your critical thresholds or performance metrics configured to alert the appropriate staff when necessary. Imagine getting a text message when you hit your monthly sales target, or an email report when merchant accounts reach their chargeback limit.

Financial Benefits
Better pricing, targeting and campaign structure.
Reduced administrative hours.
Deep drill-down reports on extended data.
Custom reports.
Trend analysis.
Custom alerts for executives, accounting and IT staff.