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We guarantee that you will approve more legitimate orders and never pay for fraudulent chargebacks again.

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The Growing Danger

Professional Gangs

70% of online retail fraud attacks occurred between 2020 and 2021. The consequence of criminal gangs.

Targeted Attacks

Criminals are targeting specific stores and platforms as easy targets.

The Safest Way to Sell Online

Custom Config

Every buyer transaction is examined and the fraud filters are tailored to your consumer profile.

Automatic Action

With our cutting-edge technology, you don't have to worry about fraudsters and other undesirable customers ruining your sales.

Better Intel

In comparison to other options, our system gathers more data and provides you the ability to accept only those sales that you deem to be safe.

Countries, cities, states

How far the buyer is from home

Distance between shipping and billing address

Location Detection and Control

For each transaction, OpenPath detects numerous locations.

You can find out where the purchase is being made, where the customer banks, and where their card was issued.

Real Time

Real time options give you the control over who buys from you and stops the fraudsters using stolen cards.

Integrated with all major sales platforms


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Your merchant account could be cancelled if you are the victim of a card testing assault.

You’ll be able to keep your business running without interruption if you block these attacks.

Over 7% of retailers’ income is lost to fraudulent transactions.

All your money will be safe thanks to OpenPath safeguards.

Your online reputation will be shattered if customers complain about false charges.

We will notify you of any questionable activity before it becomes a problem for you to address.

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