CBD Merchants Love Our Unbreakable Payments

OpenPath is the unbreakable payments system that keeps you in business and reduces merchant holds


CBD is Special

Selling CBD products online comes with its own unique challenges,  especially in the area of credit card payments.

Rates can be high

Processors can view CBD as a high risk product and apply higher rates, and increase holdbacks. Not only on your CBD products, but anything else on your site too.

Processors are not stable

Banks and processors have been known to change rates and rules at a moments notice. And some have dropped support for CBD completely, leaving merchants stranded.

Different states have different rules

Sales of CBD products is limited or forbidden in certain states. Managing which customers should be accepted and staying compliant is essential.

What OpenPath Merchants are Saying

Daily Challenges

Merchants have to overcome the CBD industries evolving landscape. There are examples that occur consistently

Elavon shut off (T1 Payments followed)

Two of the largest suppliers of payments processing to the CBD industry both removed support for the product with no warning, putting many merchants out of business. Don't let just one processor own your business.

Targeted by fraudsters

CBD merchants are preferred targets for online attacks. Card testing in particular, with attacks rising 75% last year.

Shopify closing stores

Shopify Payments does not support CBD and will disconnect when a store is found to carry it. And stores with suitable processing have been closed for shipping to controlled states and countries.

The OpenPath solution

With an array of features and partnerships designed specifically for CBD merchants you get full control and guaranteed protection for the payments side of your business

Lower rates

Get low-risk rates for CBD. Our compliance rules allow processors to offer lower rates for your CBD and non-CBD products.

Backup gateways

Connect additional processors and allow automatic failover to keep your business running.

Geo fenceing

Stay compliant by automatically controlling which states, countries you sell to.

Fraud blockers

Prevent fraudulent parties from buying on your store and get alerted when they try.

Fully Supported on Shopify

Our partnership with Shopify allows you to operate in a fully compliant manner, and enjoy all the features of their platform.