Upgrade your Shopify Payments

  • Jason Martin
  • 31st, May 2022
Upgrade your Shopify Payments
Upgrade your Shopify Payments


Shopify is deprecating their original HPSDK for payment providers in favor of their new Payment Provider App Installation, which mean you might be seeing the following in your Shopify back office.


On January 1st, OpenPath released a new version of our Encrypted Checkout call OpenPath Payments which all new merchants have been installing and using, which also means it has been tested and is stable. In addition, this new version also supports new features such as 3D Secure 1.0 and 2.0 and SEPA payments for Europe.

The following document outlines the steps required to upgrade to this new version. This upgrade can be performed in about 10 minutes and requires now downtime to your current Shopify store.

Video Walk Through

The following video walks you through upgrading your Shopify store to the new OpenPath Payments Shopify App.


The following installation will upgrade your Encrypted Checkout to OpenPath Payments.

Upgrade from OpenPath

1 | LoginLogin to your OpenPath account at: https://client.openpath.io 
2 | IntegrationsFrom the transaction page go to the OpenPath Integrations
3 | ShopifyFrom the OpenPath Integrations page go to the Shopify Integration
4 | Add ShopifyFrom the Shopify screen click your existing Shopify Integration
5 | Start App UpgradeFrom the Connections tab, click on the Goto OpenPath Shopify Payments in Shopify button.
6 | Add Shopify AppYou will be redirected in another window to install the OpenPath Payments app into Shopify, please note you may need to login to Shopify first before seeing the next screen. When this screen is loaded, click on the Install app button.
7 | App ConfigurationOnce the app has been installed you will be taken to the OpenPath Payments App Configuration in Shopify; however, you still need to activate the App in your payments section of Shopify.
 Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Useful links section and click on the link labeled Shopify’s Alternative Payment Providers
8 | Filter PaymentsIn the Filter alternative payment providers sections at the top of the screen type OpenPath.
9 | Select PaymentSelect OpenPath Payments.
10 | ActivateTo activate OpenPath for Payments click on the Activate OpenPath Payments button.
11 | Remove Encrypted CheckoutNow both Encrypted Checkout and OpenPath Payments are both active on checkout, as this point you want to go back to your payments screen and deactivate the old Encrypted Checkout.
12 | Update other Payment OptionsIf you are adding OpenPath to your existing accepted payments, you are done and OpenPath will now be another payment option when your customers checkout.If you are using OpenPath to replace an existing Payment method, go back to Payments and remove that Payment Option.
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